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3 Affirmations to Help With Managing Stress During the Holidays

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3 Affirmations to Help With Managing Stress During the Holidays

Balancing motherhood and my career is often tricky, especially when it comes to time management. During the holidays the stress of it all seems to go up a notch. Additional events are added to our family schedule. It seems like the kids have more free time and I have less.

One of the strategies which I intentionally try to incorporate during this time is the use of affirmations. Affirmations are positive or empowering phrases we can say to ourselves. They help remind us to focus on ourselves and what we can do. They also can inspire us to keep going during trying times.

Below I have listed 3 affirmations I find helpful during the holiday season. These affirmations not only encourage but remind us to focus on the goodness and love we fill and want to share during the holidays. I find that they help take me away from focusing on the shopping and the checklist and send me back toward empathy and love.

My home is a happy loving place to gather for the holidays.

I know for some of us, our homes may not currently be happy places to gather each day. Sometimes focusing on what we like to see can set the stage. However if this one just doesn’t seem possible, you may also choose to reframe it. Choose a space in your home and focus on that one area. (Example: My kitchen is a calm and peaceful place.)

Today I focus on giving and receiving love.

I enjoy this phrase because it reminds me to focus on the giving and receiving of love. Sometimes I find myself focused on the presents and what is the best sale I can find before the holiday.

I will release expectations of others during the holidays and focus on what I can accomplish.

Releasing of expectations can be very difficult, especially when we see so many representations in the media on what our holidays “should” look like. However, our reality can be very different that what is represented on social media or television.

I hope you find these phrases helpful as you take on the challenge of accomplishing the task to prepare for each holiday event. If you find yourself overly stress and overwhelmed, you might consider seeking the help of a professional counselor.

Also, if you need help planning for the holidays, check out my new book entitled “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Christmas Planning”. It is available on Amazon.